Our services

The Dysphasia Quebec association, Montéregie Region offers activities and events to
promote communication, create moments of exchange, in order to break isolation and
increase networking.
We also offer the service of a social worker at our office, by video conference and
• Availability and proximity
• Listening and responding to your needs
• Directing to appropriate resources
• Providing the tools
• Communicating / informing / representing: newsletters/conferences/workshops
• /coffee talk
• Social worker

Online speech therapist  *Les P’tits conseils de mon Orthophoniste*

Private and free Facebook page for our members. Different topics covered.

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Volunteers participate in the activities

• They help with the organization and aim to promote a harmonious climate
between all. Ideas for activities come from both volunteers and young adults and
• In order to keep you informed of the activities or to be able to share an activity
proposal, we invite you to contact us.

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Coffee talk

• The association’s coffee talk aims to allow parents and people living with a DLD
to come together to discuss their respective difficulties, but also to share their
successes and accomplishments. Coffee talks are opened to all parents as well as
people living with DLD, regardless of whether their child has DLD or not. They
are also open to anyone interested in the cause of DLD (students, counsellors,
professionals, etc.). An entrance fee may apply to non-members of the
association, depending on the conference.

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Attentive to the needs of the community, our association plays a role of awareness,
information and support for people living with DLD and their entourage (parents and
Services offered to the community in general (non-member):
• Information and references.
• Information meetings and animation of kiosks to present our organization.
• Documentation center of which several thematic tools have been developed by
our organization, aimed at accompanying people with DLD and their entourage.
• Collect and participate in research on DLD.
• Create partnerships for different joint projects.
• Active presence on Facebook.
Services reserved for our members only:
• Telephone crisis line.
• Information kit on the DLD.
• Individual meeting of support and accompaniment.
• Secure forum for young people living with a DLD.
• Thematic information activities.
• Social integration activities for children, adolescents and adults.
The association is also very active in the creation of new services for people living with
DLD, with the aim of promoting exchanges and their social development.
Consultation with community resources:
• Office des personnes handicapées du Québec
• SEMO Montérégie
• Research project
• Collaboration with INAQ for the project “Dysphasia, beyond the summit”
• Different Round Tables
• Zone Loisir Montérégie (ZLM)
• Centre montérégien de réadaptation (CMR)
• Several community organizations in the territory
• Raising awareness in the business community about hiring people with DLD

Thematic leaflets produced in collaboration with various specialists

You can contact us to send flyers by post.

Information guides produced in collaboration with different specialists
Contact us if you would like to receive it by mail and pay by cheque.

  • Information document on DLD (child) : This guide aims to help parents of dysphasic children to better understand what DLD is and to offer them different ways of acting at home and at school, to support them in their daily lives.
  • Information document on DLD (adolescents-adults) – A new version is being produced: This guide aims to help parents of adolescents, as well as adults with DLD to better understand what DLD is and its impacts in all spheres of their lives. Several strategies and possible solutions are proposed, in order to direct them towards full autonomy.
  • The Elementary and Secondary Intervention Plan : This guide presents a process to support you and explain the language used by the school environment. Your child weth DLD will probably need help throughout his or her school career. The intervention plan remains an important tool to help your child on his or her journey, throughout primary and secondary school.